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Learn More About Carpentry Certification and Licensing

Carpentry training at Everest Institute in Houston Bissonnet can help place your feet on the path of becoming a professional carpenter. While licensing may be required in some states, in Texas, it is not required to be licensed to practice the trade. When you graduate from Everest, you can have the skills and confidence to launch your career at the entry-level position.

Certification at any level and for any career can often be an indication that an individual has the required knowledge to work at higher levels of competence in his or her job. This is why some choose to further their knowledge and career possibilities by becoming certified. Though Everest Institute cannot grant certification, we provide carpentry training, which can serve as an initial step in your pursuit of professional success.

What Everest Training Can Provide for You

Your Everest training has placed you in a position to find your calling in the world as a carpenter. Though it is hard work and often challenging, it is the type of profession where talented and skilled professionals are valued. The next step, if you choose and if it is required, is to find the venues where you gain the work experience and accrue the hours that allows you to take your state license examination and gain your carpentry certification

Carpenters, before becoming eligible to take state licenses and/or certification tests, may be required to work a specific number of hours before becoming eligible to take state licenses and/or certification tests. If you cannot get into an apprentice program, try to find a beginner’s position working for a licensed contractor. Receiving on-the-job training is the key to learning carpentry skills. Multi-skilled carpenters are usually the first to be hired and who retain jobs during challenging economic times when layoffs occur.

For more information on carpentry certification and licensing, contact the Associated General Contractors of America, the Associated Builders and Contractors, or the National Association of Home Builders.

Associated General Contractors of America (AGC)

The mission of AGC is to promote construction careers while addressing the labor shortage prevalent within the industry. A wide range of programs are promoted and supported by partnering with government, industry and other various associations.

Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC)

ABC represents the industry with respect to the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government. ABC works to advance the philosophy that industry competition should be open and that contracts should be awarded solely on the merits of production and services, regardless of labor affiliations.

National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)

The mission of NAHB is to help improve the nation’s finance system by analyzing various policy issues, economic forecasts and emerging consumer trends.

Carpentry School Provides a Pathway to Certification

Training provided at Everest’s Houston Bissonnet campus does an effective job of giving students exposure to the hands-on training and industry-specific curriculum that can give them an edge over others entering the field who lack it. While training is not for carpentry certification, the knowledge gained and the skills earned provide a first step for carpenters who hope to eventually become certified.

An Apprenticeship Can Lead to a Carpentry Certification

Earning a living as a carpenter is commendable by any means. Historically, the knowledge of the trade has been handed down for generations from a skilled craftsman to his apprentice. Today, just as in the past, a carpenter needs a well rounded education that embraces his or her own specialty and bestows the training needed to work effectively with other tradesmen.

Four thousands to eight thousand hours of work experience is needed for an individual to graduate his or her apprentice program and acquire journeyman status. Journeymen are well trained and considered to be skilled at what they do. Associations such as the United Brotherhood of Carpenter and Joiner of America can provide additional information.

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